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Bail Bonds

We Work With All Attorneys, Ask Them To Call Us About the Following Bail Bond Services:

  • Instant Credit & Approvals on most Bail Bonds
  • Collateral NOT required on all bonds
  • Easy Payment Plan with No Hidden Fees
  • Bail Bonds posted over the Phone
  • Walk-thru bonds, “Bonds posted without being booked in”
  • Our Office, or We Come to You
  • Bail Bond / Criminal Law Process in Texas
  • California Bail Bond Legal Process & Legal Procedures

** This page is not intended to be legal advice or replace the proper attorney consultation and representation. **

Bail Guidelines and Regulations differ from county to county for the Bail Bonds Business inside the State of California.

Many of the time collateral is just not required to post a bond with us. Nonetheless, within the rare case where collateral is utilised it ordinarily involves the signing of an indemnity agreement.

If house is the collateral being used a lien note or other documents might be necessary. In case you are using cash, jewelry or anything else of value is generally involved. Collateral is often expected to assure that the defendant will appear.

Collateral is released as soon as the case is adjudicated or settled.When posting bail bonds, you are not responsible for the defendant’s fines or court expenses but you should be conscious that all fines and court costs levied by the court will likely be assessed in the money posted.

Also, the police or other law enforcement agency is not going to help you inside the return in the defendant – the defendant have to return on their personal.If the defendant does not seem for their appointed court date, the judge will order that the full amount of the bond be taken.

Posting a surety bond with a bail bond organization guarantees the defendant’s look in court. When the defendant fails to appear, the bail bond organization has the authority to apprehend this person and place them into custody which protects the bail bond enterprise, plus the co-signers on the bond.

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