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Getting bail approved Garden Grove

The complications of getting your bail approved, simplified

The act of going through the bail bond process in court may not seem as intimidating or complex as the behind the scenes operations that characterize the process. Typically, the bail bondsman will insist on an exhaustive interview with the agent who will be looking out to post bail for the defendant. Both the bail bondsman and the defendant’s agent need to secure their own interests and the pre bail bond interview offers the ideal platform to cover a broad range of issues relevant to the bail bond hearing.

The preliminary interview with the bail bond company

The interview offers an opportunity for the bail bondsman to gauge the relationship between the defendant and the agent looking out to post bail on behalf of the defendant. Probably the first question that needs answering is whether the agent is a family member of the defendant. If the agent has no filial connection with the defendant, this raises the risk of flight of the defendant, and the bondsman will be seeking reassurance that the agent and his client will be around to complete court procedures. The interview also gives an opportunity for the agent to understand the risks involved in transacting the bail bond.

Judging the defendant’s stake in the local community

It will be pertinent to discuss how long the defendant remained in jail by the time the agent has approached the bail bondsman. Normally bail bond interviews happen within 48 hours of custodial detention, when family members scamper to get legal assistance to help their loved one. Detention beyond that timespan might fuel the suspicion that the defendant’s connections to the locality are tenuous or the closeness of family ties is suspect, factors that might not be very reassuring for the bail bondsman looking to secure the bail bond amount. The fact that the defendant is a known person and has a stake in the community (home, job, family and friends) will go a long way in assuring the bondsman that the defendant will cooperate in attending court hearings.

Sharing information as to custodial detention of the defendant

It is important for the agent to share details such as the full name, booking number and detention center of the defendant so that the bail bondsman can immediately contact the jail authorities and let them know that bail bond process has commenced in right earnest and efforts are on to release the prisoner. This is a necessary measure for protecting and safeguarding the defendant and also for reassuring the defendant that his interests are being taken care of.

Paying the bail bond premium

Depending on the statutes that are in force, your bail bond premium (amount immediately payable to the bondsman) could be any figure representing 8% to 10% of the bail bond amount. If for example the bond is set for $1 million, the agent will be liable to post premium of $100,000 with the bail bondsman. Mostly bondsmen will prefer cash or credit card payment upfront, but there will be agencies willing to accept payment in installments provided you offer sufficient collateral to secure the bond. Naturally, such an arrangement presupposes the fact that a detailed appraisal of your credit records and financial status will be required.

Riding on more than a century of bail bond processing history

The processes of approving bail bonds has more than a hundred years of legal history backing it up, and the bail bondsman will be cautiously weighing the pros and cons of deciding how capable you are of abiding by the terms of the bond that require frequent appearances in court as the case comes up for hearing.

Choosing a reliable bail bond company

In selecting a Bail Bond Company it is important to ensure the firm is sufficiently experienced and professional in its dealings. You also need to ensure that the firm is trustworthy and reliable and treats all its clients with utmost respect and confidentiality. Realizing that each individual presents a unique case, we go the extra mile to ensure private and personalized service. We have no hesitation in offering solutions that are fine tuned to your financial situation. We have licensed bondsman willing to share complete information and help you chose the best options in your legal battle. For satisfying your immediate legal needs we are accessible through Garden Grove (CA) and our experienced and licensed bondsmen are at your beck and call whenever the need arises.

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