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Demystifying bail bonds Lakewood

Demystifying bail bonds, guiding you to the right legal options

It is only after you (or your loved ones) are arrested for a misdemeanor that one finds oneself totally at a loss how to handle the implications of the crime and how to search the right legal remedies. In this article we attempt to answer some of the prominent questions that might assail you when matters turn legally nasty.

What information will the bail bond company need to get things moving?

  • The location and complete address of the jail where the defendant is held in custody.
  • The complete name and booking number of the imprisoned individual, information that the bail bond company will need to contact jail authorities.
  • You need to contact the jail authorities to ascertain the exact amount of bail that you need to free the accused from jail.

What options do I initiate to get a bail bond?

  • Get the services of a bail bondsman to free the imprisoned individual.
  • You can deposit the complete bail bond amount directly in cash with the jail authorities.
  • You can move the court to offer collateral of your home or some other valuable property.
  • The judge might decide unilaterally to free the person on bail.

Do I have rights over the money I pay the bondsman?

The amount that you pay to the bail bond company is not refundable after bail is allowed and the imprisoned individual walks out of jail. This amount is considered as a fee that you have paid to the company for facilitating bail. The money is not refundable even if the individual is rearrested subsequently. Refund is admissible only if the bail bond company fails to fulfill its legal obligations to the defendant.

What happens if the bail bond is posted but the defendant fails to show up for the hearing?

There are legal remedies that need to be discussed and followed up with the bail bond company in such eventualities.

Does a bail bond allow the defendant to move out of state or go abroad?

This depends a great deal on the specific conditions insisted by the judge. If permission to move out of state or to move abroad is denied by the judge, defendant needs to intimate the bail bond company and apply for prior permission of the judge before proceeding out of state. Failure to follow the rule can get the defendant rearrested.

Is it possible for a bail bond company to offer a discount on the premium payable to it?

The state laws determine that the bail bond company can legally charge up to 10% of the premium payable on the bond amount. Luring a client by offering to discount the premium is illegal and can cost the firm its license. It is advisable to consult a rate chart to ensure that you are being charged the legally permissible amount.

How do you account for the presence of expensive and inexpensive bondsmen in the market?

Bail bond companies and bondsmen are licensed and come under the regulatory provisions of the state they operate in. They are not permitted to negotiate the rate of premiums that are decided by the state government. It is open to the client to cross check the bail bond premium rates prevalent in his area before deciding his agency. If a bail bondsman is cutting corners he might just as well adopt a more stringent approach to returning your collateral or turn the defendant in to jail without cause. So it pays to avoid agencies that flout laid down guidelines.

Can you offer collateral in lieu of bond premiums to the bail bonds man?

Bail collateral is accepted usually in the form of real estate holdings, Jewelry, bank balances, stocks and bonds, credit cards and automobiles.

Does your liability get terminated if the defendant (out on bond) gets rearrested?

Technically you can surrender the earlier bond and terminate your liability, but this poses a fresh problem. You don’t get back the premium you paid on the earlier bond, and you will need to invest more money for a fresh bail bond.

In choosing a bail bond company it is important to favor firms that are richly experienced with high levels of professionalism. You also need to ensure that the firm is trustworthy and reliable and treats all its clients with utmost respect and confidentiality. Realizing that each individual presents a unique case, we go the extra mile to ensure private and personalized service. We have no hesitation in offering solutions that are fine tuned to your financial situation. We have licensed bondsman willing to share complete information and help you chose the best options in your legal battle. For satisfying your immediate legal needs we are accessible through Lakewood (CA) and our experienced and licensed bondsmen are at your beck and call whenever the need arises.

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