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Bail Bonds Hacienda Heights, CA

Bail Bonds Hacienda Heights, CA

If you (your friend or family member) weren’t lucky enough to get released on your own recognizance (ROR’d), then you likely will need to be posting bail. Unless, of course, you are being held without bail due to the nature of the legal action or past conduct indicating that you may not appear on the pending charges.

Bail – what is it really?

Bail allows you to await your court date in freedom, continue with life as usual – work, family, school – in exchange for a promise/guarantee that you will appear at the time and place that you have been cited to appear. You can post bail directly with the court or through the services of a bail bondsman. There are several companies that can help you to secure a bail bond in Hacienda Heights.

How is a Bail Bond different than Bail?

Bail is arranged directly with the court and requires that the bail amount be covered 100%. A bail bond (a type of insurance) serves the same purpose but is secured through a state-licensed bail bondsman. The bail bondsman provides the guarantee and you pay them a fraction of the face value just as with any insurance policy.

Do I have to pay Bail or buy a Bail Bond?

No. If you were lucky enough to be ROR’d that wouldn’t be necessary. If you have nothing better to do than await the resolution of your case while in custody, you can let the county provide you with “3-hots and a cot” (free food and lodging). But who really wants to be a guest of the Los Angeles County jail?

What are the benefits of Bail Bonds?

There are many benefits to using the services of a bail bond company in Hacienda Heights. The most important, by far, is that it is often the best – or only – option available which will permit you to attend to your legal issues while in freedom, living your life, going to your job, earning an income, maintaining the relationship and support of your friends and family instead of being surrounded by other inmates, often times hardened criminals.

Coming in a close second is that you are able to secure release for a fraction of the bail amount (typically 10%). Of course, while bail is refunded when the legal action concludes, this payment is not refunded as it is – as stated – a payment for services rendered.

Perhaps an even greater benefit of securing a bail bond in Hacienda Heights is that there are many options available in terms of payment methods, collateral and even financing. If your bail is low (or if your credit card limit high), you can most likely arrange to post bail over the phone with instant approval.

Another important benefit to consider is that while the courts have limited operational hours, a bail bond can typically be secured in Hacienda Heights 24 hours a day, seven days a week allowing you to regain your freedom and get back to your life in the shortest possible time.

Don’t hesitate, call a local Hacienda Heights bail bonds professional now.

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