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Bail Bonds Costa Mesa, CA

Bail Bonds Costa Mesa, CA

If you are looking at this article it’s probably because a bail bond just became a necessity for you or someone you care about. Knowing the basics is a great place to start, as with most things. In this article we will cover the basics of the bail bonds business and discuss what things to consider specifically if you need a bail bond in Costa Mesa, California.

What is BAIL?

In layman’s terms, bail is an opportunity which the court affords for a defendant to await trial in freedom instead of being incarcerated. To guarantee that the defendant will appear, they are often required to post BAIL of an amount determined by the court, either in cash or bond. The other alternative to bail or jail is an “ROR” – release on their own recognizance – which is simply a promise to appear. When a defendant posts bail, or someone posts bail on their behalf, that bail is released or refunded once the proceedings against the defendant conclude, regardless of the outcome. Alternatively, bail may be forfeited for failure to appear.

What is a BAIL BOND?

Bail amounts can range from very low to very high and everything in between. But low or high can be irrelevant if you have no cash or property available to use to post bail (or if you don’t want to use it due to the risk of possible forfeiture for failure to appear).

So, again, in layman’s terms, a Bail Bond is a guarantee put forth by a third party for a price, a sort of guarantee that you can rent, insurance if you will. The bail bondsman puts up the guarantee – taking on the risk of losing that guarantee – in exchange for a payment. Unlike bail, the amount paid to the bail bondsman will not be refunded. It is the price you pay to use their guarantee and other services as well as for them assuming the related risk.

Who offers BAIL BONDS?

In Costa Mesa, California there are numerous companies offering Bail Bonds. It is a highly competitive business. The business is regulated by the California Department of Insurance. A bail bondsman must pass approved training as well as obtain a license by the state. Be sure to verify that your Costa Mesa bail bonds provider is properly licensed before making any other decisions.

What other considerations should I keep in mind?

Cost is of course an issue to consider. It is worth knowing that, as this is a highly competitive business, costs tend to be within a limited range. By the same token, given the nature of the risks involved as well as the nature of the circumstance (freedom hangs in the balance), the cost may seem high…at first. But consider the alternative – waiting in jail until the issue is resolved and all that that implies in terms of risk to the prisoner, lost wages, etc.

  • Finally, to make the best decision, consider these issues as well when making your decision whether and with whom to purchase a bail bond in Costa Mesa:
  • Location – closer is usually better
  • Hours of operation (look for 24/7)
  • What types of payment or collateral will be accepted? Credit card or cash?
  • Payment plans / Financing available?
  • Approval time / Release time – before transfer to Orange County jail?
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