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5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Bail Bondsman

5 Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Bail Bondsman

A mortician and a bail bondsman are two people that every one dreads having to need in their lives. However, you will most likely need them at some point in life. Despite both being professional just doing their jobs, when you need one it can never be for a reason worth making merry about. When you have to contact a bail agent it is because you or someone close to you is in trouble with the law and you want to secure their freedom.

In the event that you need a bail agent you have to know how to select the best one. In a city like Tustin, California there are very many bails agents but not all of them can guarantee you satisfaction. So how do you select the best or right one? Here are 5 important things to consider.

· Registration

Before entering into any agreement with an agent you should first of all ensure that they are registered to operate in California. Their registration should also be up to date and you can confirm using their license number by calling the California Department of Insurance. If you enter into a contractual agreement with an unregistered agent then you should be ready for the disaster that will follow

· Experience

Just like any other business, the number of years that the bails bond agent has been in business will determine how good they are. If he recently set up his Tustin office then this might give you an indication that he is still a rookie in the city. He might have been practicing in a different state but things work differently from state to state. An experienced local agent knows how the courts and jail system work and so he will be able to set you free faster.

· The Charges

Most agents will charge a percentage of the bail amount as their agency fee. You should select the one with the lowest percentage fee to avoid a high cost bail. Take for example your bail is $100,000 and the agent charges 10%, which translates to a whooping non-refundable $10,000. In all aspects this is a huge sum of money.

· Terms and methods of payment

Unless you are a seasoned and crazy criminal, nobody plans for their arrest and so you probably don’t have some money laying somewhere for your bail. A good agent is one who understands this and so will provide you with convenient terms of payment e.g. in installments. The method of payment should also be flexible because different people have their preferred modes of payment and not everyone walks around with cash.

· How fast they can post bail

Being in jail is not an experience admired by many. So every minute you spend behind bars seems like a lifetime and so the faster the agent can post bail for you the better. Once you are allowed bail a well organized bail bonds agent should be able to free you in a couple of hours maximum. Ideally it should even be minutes.

Selecting the right bail agent will not only ensure that you are freed quicker but also at a cheaper cost. Consider the above things and you will find yourself a good one.

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